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A Call to Art

by Nicole Wines

Bomba DrumArt is not just something to hang on a wall or sit down to passively watch. Art is not perfection. Art is a natural creative process that was and is an integral aspect of daily life, throughout human history. Art is alive, it moves and flows. Music, dance, drawing and singing all evolved as means of communication and expression, not solely as forms to perfect or observe in awe while thinking “I wish I could do that”.

A masterpiece painting can stir up emotions in a viewer. The grace of a ballerina can move an audience to tears. Plays, concerts and films entertain and inspire. But art has a history that goes beyond the classics and deeper than the mastery of a skill, technique or genre. The use of the creative force goes back farther than recorded history, back to a time when a distinction between performers and audience did not yet exist. Art, in all its forms, was a natural part of the heartbeat of every day life.

Do not be afraid to embrace your natural past, your cultural history. Music, dance, song and visual arts are a part of everyone’s heritage no matter who they are, what part of the world they come from, or what they believe. Art is for everyone, it is participatory and it is community. It runs through our veins to the pulse of our own drums-our hearts-the organ that keeps the beat of our lives steady and strong. It tells the stories of our past and carries our own stories into the future.

Raíces means “roots”. We encourage you to tap into the primal creative roots of humanity. Singing, dancing, drawing in the sand, recording your thoughts with colors and lines, placing your hand on the skin of a drum-these are all natural activities, innate to all of humanity. These have been a large part of the means by which people have passed on cultures, stories, histories and insight into the human experience, long before any written history.

Viewing an exhibit or watching a well planned production can be exhilarating. But there is more to art than being an audience member or a performer. We urge anyone who has thought “I wish I could do that” to stop wishing and start doing it. Participate in the creative process. Move your body to the sound of the music, belt out your favorite song, draw and color and paint, even if it’s by number. Use your senses to feel the movement, colors and flow. Once you stop thinking and start feeling, you will be surprised at your natural capacity for art in all its forms. Art is for everyone. It is a natural expression. A distinctly human form of communication. Tap into your natural roots of creativity and live the art you feel.