Mission, Vision, and Goals

Our Mission

Raíces Cultural Center, a NJ Nonprofit Corporation is dedicated to preserving cultural roots through the arts, history and ecology.

Our Vision

Raíces means roots. Raíces Cultural Center has put down its roots in the Hub City of New Brunswick, creating a home for the cultural arts and sustainable ecology in Central NJ.

Raíces seeks to foster a vibrant community of artists and create a center for exploration, collaboration and cultural fusion within the performing, visual and media arts as well as, their connection with Nature and Planet Earth. We believe that the arts and Nature form an intrinsic bond between Mother Earth and Humans, and that this collaboration expands the creative process innate in the human experience. We encourage all participants to join this endeavor in the hopes of fomenting a new consciousness that will re-heal Mother Earth and thereby preserve the global cultural experience.

Raíces Cultural Center provides hands on opportunities to individuals that wish to learn about sustainable ecology and its connection to culture from an artistic perspective. art, music, dance, spoken word and folkloric traditions. Raíces does mean “ROOTS,” Hence the unifying forces of humans and earth working in conjunction for a new future.

Raíces Cultural Center's Goals

  • Provide the Central NJ community with cultural, educational, artistic and historical programming, with a focus on the history and evolution of the Caribbean folkloric traditions.
  • Provide opportunities to local community to attend affordable artistic, creative and ecological events and educational programs.
  • Document the history and evolution of the Caribbean performing arts through archiving, research, publications, resource catalogs, documentaries and other content production.
  • Encourage and inspire the community to participate in the arts and sustainable ecological living.
  • Cultivate and develop the talents of students dedicated to the performing, visual, and ecological arts.
  • Establish a permanent eco-preserve homestead/arts center to facilitate the exploration of the cultural and ecological arts and sciences.

Immigrant Advocacy

Given the recent anti-immigrant sentiments being expressed against certain immigrants in our communities by the United States Government; we feel compelled to speak out against this injustice. The U.S.A. is a mosaic of many different cultures and backgrounds, and as such, individuals from any country who reside here, must not be singled out unjustly and given the right to due process as a documented or undocumented citizen.