Performances, Presentations & Workshops

Don’t wait for Hispanic Heritage Month to Book Us!

Remembrance of Hispanic Heritage is more than a one month period of celebration in a year. Raíces Cultural Center offers a diversity of programming in the performing arts, academic scholarship, as well as, street presentations and workshops in the culture and history of the Caribbean and the diaspora.

Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble performance at the Greater Brunswick Charter School in New Brunswick, NJ. All performances are interactive and include audience participation.Performances, Presentations and Workshops in the Cultural and Performing Arts

The Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble and/or our Arts Collective Members entertain and educate audiences through live or online performances, presentations and workshops in the following traditions:

Music and Culture of the Caribbean – Puerto Rico and Cuba

  • Bomba and /or Plena – Drums, Dance and Song from Puerto Rico
  • Los Vejigantes – Puerto Rico
  • Orishas – Forces of Nature in Song, Dance and Drum from Cuba
  • Rumba – Song, Dance and Drum from Cuba

Ensemble Performances, Presentations and Workshop Fees:

Single Ensemble Performance – up to 1 hour – $1200

Two Ensemble Performances – up to 1 hour each – $2000

Single Workshop Presentation or Multimedia Presentation – $800

Two Workshop Presentations or Multimedia Presentations – $1400

* Most workshops offered are 90 minutes

Workshops can also be offered in a series, tailored to the needs of the school, organization or group wishing to host the classes and Multimedia Presentation Fee with two or more presenters, contact Raíces Director Francisco G. Gómez at 908-227-5671 or

Children's bomba dance class taught by Raíces crew members Nicole Wines and Francisco G. GómezDance Classes

We are often contacted with requests for dance classes. Because of Covid 19 we are available only for private group classes if there is a group of 10 or more students who can commit to a minimum of an 8-week session with weekly meetings. Classes can be designed for either children or adults!

Additional Educational Programs

Have an idea for a program, residency or collaboration? Get in touch and let us help you design and present custom tailored programs that fall within any of our programming areas. Seeking funding? Raíces can collaborate with you to apply for programming grants that will bring us to your site to teach and share.

*Please note that all contracts for events and programs located more than 20 miles from our Home Base in New Brunswick and Highland Park, NJ will be subject to an additional $75 transportation fee.