Curandero’s Apothecary

Herbs & VeggiesThe cultural mosaic of music, art, dance and food is a unified process for the well being and homeostasis of concerned individuals that seek change in a contaminated world.

Raíces Cultural Center is pleased to announce a new branch of its ever extending tree. “The Curandero’s Apothecary” will revisit age old spiritual, healing and herbal practices, specifically from the Caribbean, but through the modern global lens as well. Our readers will be able to access the wealth of knowledge handed down through the oral traditions of our ancestors, and their approach to illness and disease.

In a world filled with spiritless health practitioners and faulty health practices, we will focus on the lost connections between nature and the human experience. We will address the social concerns of an ever increasing population that is beginning to feel the negative effects of a sick food system and unsustainable environment.

Organic and holistic methods of growing and cultivating herbs, vegetables and other edibles will be expressed through our online publications and discussion forums.

If you are an environmentally conscientious person who has chosen to invest in local organically grown herbs, food and/or live stock, then stop by frequently and share in the process of looking at health in a different way, by integrating soil, plant, sound and soul from cultural traditions that have practiced these ways of living for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Our sincere hope is to present information that can better the way we all live and thereby reduce the carbon footprint that has produced a negative impact on our biology and planet.

Francisco G. Gómez
Director, Raíces Cultural Center

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