Be A Part of Our Upcoming Water Is Life Exhibit: Thunderbird Woman Coloring Page

Be a part of our upcoming Water Is Life Art Exhibit Series. Click on the Thunderbird Woman coloring page below to open a printable version, color and return to Tiger Art Supply (427 Raritan Ave.) or Blank Space Highland Park (414 Raritan Ave.) to have your page added to the Thunderbird Woman Wall for the Opening Reception.

Can’t make it into town before the show? Bring it with you to the opening and we will hang it on site! More on the exhibit linked below.

Thanks to Eva Abreu of Blank Space Highland Park who created and shared the coloring page and Veronica Winford of Tiger Art Supply for coming up with the idea. Extra special thanks to artist Isaac Murdoch for his willingness to collaborate on this project and jumping on every new project idea that has come along. Happy coloring!


Thunderbird Woman Water Is Life Coloring Page, Art by Isaac Murdoch.

Become a Community Sponsor

Make a donation or pre-purchase prints, t-shirts, tote bags and stickers to help support the project, as well as the ecological initiatives at Raíces Cultural Center and Christi and Isaac’s language and culture camp Nimkii Aazhibikong.