Introduction To Bomba - Drum and Dance

Thank you to our supporters for an excellent 2022 class season!

Our 2023 class season will begin in May. Please pre-register if you are interested in attending.

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About the Program

June - September, 2023
Class schedule TBA

*weather permitting

Environmental Education Center
20 River Rd., Highland Park, NJ

This class is outdoors. In case of inclement weather, class will be canceled and registered students will receive a text notification.

Don’t know how to sing, dance or play a drum? No problem! Bomba is community, a group celebration of freedom and expression! Beginners are welcome and invited!
This class is intended for adults and for families with older children, with the requirement that a guardian must remain present at all times. Registration is limited to the first 20 participants per session, please sign up early!
Raíces reserves all rights of acceptance to the program through the registration process. 

During our class series we will: 

  • Learn the foundations of the rhythms and instruments used in this art form including the Barriles (Afro-Puertorican Drums), the Maraca (Taíno hand gourd) and the Cuá (Drum sticks played on a small barrel).
  • Learn how to speak to the drums using the movements of your body in the form of Piquetes in an expression of free form dancing. 
  • Learn the use of Call and Response (Antiphony) in song to complement the three strains of Bomba known as Sicá, Güembe and Yubá. 

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