Could your body ph be acidic, here’s why and check it naturally

purple-cabbageby Francisco G. Gómez

Do you ever wonder whether you’re body is too acidic? There are contrasting views on what the proper level of body ph should be; some authorities say somewhere in the middle between acidic and alkaline. And then there are others who say that it should be more alkaline than just the middle. The truth is that most experts out there all agree that it is better to be alkaline than to be acidic. There are a number of health reasons for this like the fact that Americans eat a very high acid diet consisting of meat, eggs, milk and a few other foods that turn out to be not so good when consumed in large proportions. Perhaps the truth is that our diets lack an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables which are basically alkaline in nature, hence very good for you.

Then there is something called acidosis; this term simply means too much acid in your body. Did you know that if you suffer from acidosis, you stand a greater chance of heart disease, loss of muscle tissue, the pain of arthritis associated with inflammation and a number of other illnesses as you age? Far be it from me to lecture people on what they should put into their bodies, but as the Buddha once said, “To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we will not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”. I hear people tell me all the time that they live with perpetual brain fog, and I always ask them the same question, “What do you eat on a regular basis”? You see, it’s not the fact that they usually answer by saying that they consume meat, dairy and eggs as well as a whole lot of other crappy food; the problem, as already stated, is that these foods simply produce acid. Then there is the question of growth hormones and antibiotics found in these edibles. Even if they tell me, “but, it’s all organic”, it’s still acid producing food. Then I tell them to check their urine for acid ph.

If you’ve ever purchased ph strips, you paid 5 to about 14 dollars a box, depending on the brand you selected. I know, 5 or 10 bucks doesn’t seem like lots of bread for some people, but for other folk it is! So if you don’t want to spend more than $2 bucks to find out if you’re body is acidic or alkaline, go out and buy some purple cabbage; that’s right, purple cabbage. Here’s what to do with it:

1. Take a few big pieces from the cabbage and slice them up.

2. Put the cabbage in a blender and add some water until you see some of the cabbage+juice+acid+base+indicator+5cabbage float. Don’t get crazy with the water, too little or too much may require you to cut and mix again!

3. Mix it up for a minute and then strain the mixture into a bowl.

4. Go take a leak and immediately after you’ve done so, drop the cabbage juice in the bowl into your toilet.

5. Refer to the ph chart I’ve included in this post for your results.


You may choose to keep your ph level somewhere in the middle. I attempt to keep mine a bit right of center, in the blue zone. Remember, folks, more veggies and fruits help you achieve an alkaline body chemistry, and don’t forget proper exercise and sleep are essential as well for optimum health!