Curandero's Apothecary General Interest Survey


The Raíces Community History Program is seeking individuals and groups who are interested in contributing to a digital community repository on herbalism and other ancestral healing practices. The digital community repository would be a place where individuals and groups can deposit their born digital and digitized materials and use them in collections, websites or digital exhibits.

The purpose of this survey is to understand the types of material you have to deposit, your goals for your materials, and how involved you want to be before, during, and after the deposit of your materials. We plan to have training available throughout this process to support your collection’s needs and your goals for your materials. We understand and accept that your relationship with your materials may be complex, that the process of depositing your materials may require slow, thoughtful, and dynamic approaches. 

A Few Definitions

  1. Digital community repository – an online only storage place for digital objects, with the ability for the depositor to control who can access and use their material.
  2. Born digital object – any document, photo, video, or audio recording that was created on a computer or phone; it has never existed outside of a computer or phone (unless you printed it out)
  3. Digitized object – any document, photo, video or audio recording that existed in a physical form before being on a computer or as a computer file. This would include paper documents, printed photographs, video on VHS or DVDs, or audio on cassette or compact disc that you transferred onto your computer. You might have done this by taking a photo or scan of your paper document or photo, or transferring (or paying someone to transfer) a VHS or DVD to a digital format and storing it on your computer. 

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