D.I.Y. Fridays – How to peel Garlic the Easy Way

by Francisco G. Gómez

Here’s a cool way of peeling garlic without getting it all over your fingers and having to deal with the pungent scent that lingers on them, even after you’ve washed it off. You will need these three simple items:

garlic 1

glass jar, a head of garlic and a few garlic cloves


1. a glass jar

2. a few garlic cloves

3. a head of garlic

Directions: Take a few cloves or a head of garlic and drop them/it into a medium sized glass jar. Make sure the cap is nice and tight when you seal the jar. Shake the Jar vigorously until you begin to see the peel come off the garlic. Stop and inspect the jar a few times to see how far along the peel is separating from the garlic. In a few seconds you’ll have nice clean garlic for all your cooking or herbal projects!

clean garlic gloves

clean garlic gloves


Watch the video we’ve made of the entire process. Enjoy!

DIY – How to Peel Garlic the Easy Way from Raíces Cultural Center on Vimeo.