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by Nicole Wines

Nature Therapy is one of the easiest ways to promote healing. This will probably be the simplest instruction set in our D.I.Y. Fridays series to date and it doesn’t cost anything!  Here goes:

  1. Slow down
  2. Take a break
  3. Get outside!

Norvin Green State Park LandscapeMother Nature is a powerful healer, for the mind, body and spirit.  Take a nature break and expose yourself to some fresh air and open sky.  It’s as simple as it gets…do it yourself Nature Therapy.  There are many explanations why getting outside is so good for you, with scientific research to back up the claims.  But although you can read about why this works (see links at end of post) you don’t need science to tell you how good it feels to get outside and into nature. See for yourself.  Go on, try it!

skyAnytime you are feeling a little rundown, on the verge of a bug, mentally tired, spiritually drained, do some DIY Nature Therapy and get outside. And just don’t wait until you are feeling down. Make sure to do Nature therapy on a regular basis when you are feeling good, you can only make yourself feel even better!

ZinniaExplore your neighborhood.  Take walks and get to know the plants and flowers.  Watch for signs of life and observe the changes from season to season, week to week, day to day.

SunTurn your face up towards the sun and let your body make its own abundance of Vitamin D, boosting your immune system and the sunshine in your heart.

SunsetFind a spot to watch the sunset and experience pachamama’s living canvas, a kaleidoscope of changing colors.

CarrotsDig your fingers into the dirt. Plant and harvest your own food and herbs. The health benefits of gardening abound. The food is fresher, cleaner, more nutritious and certainly more satisfying than store bought produce.  And getting a little dirt on your hands and under your nails may just be one of nature’s many antidepressants.

Otter Hole WaterfallSit next to the water…whether it’s a waterfall, brook, river, lake or ocean…be still, and just listen.  Let the sounds of the water clear your mind and reset your spirit.

treesNature is free.  And it’s everywhere.  Even in the concrete jungles of urban and suburban zones, there are green spaces and open places to be found.

cairnsTake a walk in the woods or through a meadow. Activate your senses. Allow nature to rejuvenate, refresh, revive and replenish you-mind, body, and spirit.

NYC skyline from mountain

What are you waiting for?  It’s so simple.  Go get yourself some Nature Therapy…get outside!


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