Day 4 - Camuy, Isabela - Francisco

Tinti Deyá Solar Panels at Radio Casa Pueblo


The last 3.5 days in PR have revealed that there is something seriously wrong other than the obvious visual signs of physical devastation after María.

After an amazing experience at Casa Pueblo in Adjuntas last Sunday, and sensing a new reality of survival, even at a micro level of sustainable and renewable energy practices on the island - once again my spirits and resolve were replenished.

I understand that the true damage results from that something underneath in the psyche of many of my sisters and brothers on the island- It’s called collective trauma.

Each of the organizations we’ve visited have shown this trauma in a variety of ways. It’s been heart breaking to say the least and a futile need to empathize at best! The ether is filled with a desperation that is quelling at a snail’s pace.

My people are not new to this, however, this is a catastrophe of such epic proportions and not easily shaken off. My Boricuas have a new found solidarity in unity and their own brand of resolve...they are resilient and determined.

We are on our way to Casa Pueblo, as I write, to witness and be a part of PR history making. This incredible organization will broadcast from their own radio station today, totally powered by the sun - Solar renewable/ sustainable power in/on the airwaves...what an exciting be continued!