Day 2 - Loíza, Carolina, El Yunque, San Juan - Nicole

Clearing Brush La Coca - Closed

Work crews clearing tree debris along the coast
Raining indoors at COPI
Piñones kioskos open but nearly empty
Pike electric trucks everywhere...license plates from North Carolina, Indiana...reminds me of post Sandy NJ
Mudslides in the mountains
Collapsed houses
Zero electric in Loíza, zero electric in the mountains of Rio Grande
Samuel Lind's art studio running on a generator but filled with artworks in progress
More island hospitality and smiling faces
Seems like the interior will have to wait until services on the coast are restored
Electric lines dangling in the mountains, metal poles snapped and bent in half
More blue tarps, more debris
The yunque is closed, but you can drive up to 200 ft before the coca falls for pics
Vegetation regenerating in the rainforest but still quite bare, brown and sparse
Tropical showers and rainbows
Old San Juan bustling, more street music than we have seen in much beautiful music
Eating mofongo sitting next to Ron Perlman
The most stressful nighttime drive ever in PR due to lack of traffic lights
Word from one of our island partners that she still has no running water in her apt in Santurce, even city centers have spots with no basic services

And today, westward and into the mountains, up to Casa Pueblo to support their work in restoring power with solar energy...sustainable and renewable #PRseLevanta