January 16 & 17, 2018-Las Marías

Greenhouse at Pleunitud PR

After witnessing history at Casa Pueblo in the morning, we headed to Las Marías to spend some time with our friends at Plenitud PR and take them their seed order from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. The donation we received from Baker Creek was unique, in that they granted us a $100 order from their catalogue, allowing us to pick out specific varieties of seeds that our friends were looking for. Paula, a co-founder of Plenitud, had sent us a list of the types of greens, herbs and pollinator flowers they were looking to grow in their greenhouse and around their permaculture farm and ecological learning center. Thanks to the support of the Juntos Together Coalition, which Raíces is a member of and works with to advocate for support of sustainability oriented organizations and relief work, the greenhouse had been reconstructed and repaired before we arrived. All of the greens we ate while we were there came from that greenhouse, and we were happy to learn that the next round of greens that would be planted there would include some of the varieties we brought from Baker Creek.