Spreading More Seeds

Seed Sorting

Our work with seed on the island of Puerto Rico is far from over. We continue to collect seeds and accept donation of seeds and of funds to purchase seeds to bring to our seed saving friends and collaborators to increase the biodiversity of the seed stock available. And as we begin to formulate more solid plans to head to the island in hopes of preserving and conserving some land and working in network with our friends and collaborators in the sustainability and agroecology movements, the seed will continue to be given a huge importance in our work. Seed is life, and it is up to us to protect and share it, to preserve it, in order to ensure a sustainable and just future.

Seed is the first link on the food chain. Saving seeds is our duty, sharing seeds is our culture.” ~Vandana Shiva

NOTE: I have to give a shout out to two additional seed companies we contacted. Johnny's Seeds wrote us back and let us know that they had already sent 300 pounds of seed in one bulk donation directly to the PR Resiliency Fund, which is one of the organizations we are working in network with. Ed Hume Seeds almost immediately put a pallet together of seed and is working to get a half a ton of seeds to the island, and hopefully to our friends at the PR Resiliency Fund. These have been, and will be spread throughout the island on sustainable farms, agroecology projects, school gardens, community gardens and homestead projects.

***Read more about the impact of seed donations with PR Resiliency Fund Founder Tara Rodriguez Besosa.

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