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Roots Music Exhibit Series


The purpose of this project is to document the history and cultural impact of folkloric, musical, and artistic traditions from a variety of cultures in the communities where they are taught and practiced in the diaspora. Each exhibit focuses on an artist living and working in New Jersey to practice, preserve, and share their traditions. These are exceptional artists, teachers, and culture bearers living in our area, and we are honored to share their stories here on the Raíces Digital Archive.

This is an ongoing exhibit series, the Raíces Digital Archive Team will continue to curate new exhibits featuring roots music genres and local musician who work at preserving and sharing them. We will also continue to document the work of the artists already featured here and add to the dynamic exhibits and collections featured here. 


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Impressions from the Raíces Cultural Center's January 2018 Disaster Relief Support Trip


During our recent disaster relief support trip to Puerto Rico from January 12-19, 2018, Raíces Crew members were able to post some impressions on social media. This helped us to keep a kind of log of immediate reflections and experiences from the week spent with our family, friends and network of ecological and cultural collaborators throughout the island. Here is the compilation of the postings made throughout the week, along with some of the photos we took while documenting the work of grassroots organizations dedicated to sustainability, resiliency, and a just recovery for the island of Puerto Rico.

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Cultural Exchange 2009 - Puerto Rico

In 2009, Raíces Cultural Center's Cultural Exchange Program took its first official Exchange Trip to Puerto Rico, specifically to document, experience and bring home knowledge about the Fiestas de Santiago Apostol, held every July in the coastal town of Loíza Aldea. The focus of this trip was on the music, dance, song, costume, celebrations and traditions of bomba and "los vejigantes de Puerto Rico", traditions which were also presented by the Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble the same year in cultural and historical presentations in New Brunswick and Perth Amboy. The Exchange Trip allowed us to bring additional first hand knowledge and media from the Island back home to NJ to teach, share and preserve.

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