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by Nicole Wines

Spring is almost here and we are excited for the planting season. This time of year, we are always busy sorting seeds, getting ready to plant, attending seed swaps and getting seeds out to our fellow Raíces EcoCulture Gardeners and members of our Seed Library. We need lots of seed envelopes, but hate to buy new ones and contribute to the paper waste stream. We have no more use for last years seed catalogs, so instead of throwing them away, we love to spend some time upcycling them into reusable mini seed packet envelopes. Check out the short video below to see how we do it, and try making some of your own!


If this seems like a fun project to you, we’d love for you to lend us a helping hand by making some extra seed packet envelopes for the Raíces Seed Library, whether they are from recycled catalogs or cut out of scrap and reused paper. Just make them and give them to us next time you see us or save them for you to put your seeds in at seed saving time!

Envelope Template (feel free to adjust size depending on your needs): http://rubberstamping.about.com/od/templates/ss/Free-Seed-Envelope-Template.htm

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