Herbal Circle Member Resource Exchange

This page features resources shared by members of the Raíces Herbal Circle and Knowledge Exchange, a member group program that meets monthly in Highland Park, NJ.

From Michelle:

Why ‘plant blindness’ matters – and what you can do about it.
A phenomenon called “plant blindness” means we tend to underappreciate the flora around us. That can have disastrous consequences not only for the environment, but human health. Read the full article here.

From Francisco G. Gómez:

Sorcerers & Wizards – Some interesting material on ancient Shamanism!

From Laura:

The Herbal Highway podcast enhances the community’s knowledge of herbal medicine and alternative choices to standard medical practices for healing. In order to have balanced life, The Herbal Highway actively supports and promotes Indigenous land rights, protection of sacred sites and the sustainability of the Earth as integral parts of individual, community and global healing.

Hosted and produced by Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes.

Check out the February 7, 2019 episode on “Wildcrafting: an Indigenous Perspective.

From Francisco G. Gómez:

Interesting perspective between Siberian ancestral shamanism and the modern day shaman .

Healing Spirit – In rural Ethiopia, the old ways still prevail. 25 miles from Addis Ababa, the village of Debre Zeyet prepares for a special ritual. From miles around, the ill and the injured come—hoping to see the one person they believe can help.

This video has English subtitles available. Click the “CC” button on the bottom right to activate.

From Raíces Cultural Center:
Raíces Blog: Curandero’s Apothecary

From Doña Carmen:

From Thea:
Reclaiming our Indigenous Europoean Roots by Lyla June

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