Free Webinar by Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Property of Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Property of Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

by Francisco G. Gómez

Does the cost of educating yourself on something as necessary as bee science scare you? For you would be bee enthusiasts out there who have looked at your state’s or local bee association’s, university’s or large scale apiary’s fees for instruction, you might be taken aback! Well, here’s an alternative that you may find interesting. Brushy Mountain Bee Farm down in North Carolina just began a four part series webinar on bee keeping, and it’s totally free!

Both Nicole and I sat in on session #1 this evening, and it was awesome. Shane, a Brushy Mountain bee keeper of more than 30 years, began with an introduction on all the things an aspiring bee keeper would need, everything from bee attire to bees. After his initial presentation there is a Q&A, but let me warn you, he’s unable to answer all the questions asked during this time. However, any of the participants in the webinar can e-mail or call the farm for answers to questions that weren’t addressed.

I was very impressed in the way Mr. Gabauer presented his material. He is truly knowledgeable on the subject of bees and at times even funny. One of the things that was rather interesting and quite different from most businesses that do webinars, is that not once did he attempt to sell you anything.

Houston-Stewart County Bee

Houston-Stewart County Bee

If you’ve been considering becoming a bee keeper, then make sure to tune in on the next three parts in the series; believe me, you won’t be sorry you did! Don’t forget that you must register for the webinars. Below are the details to the next three sessions and how to register:

Session #2 – Wednesday Feb. 2nd, 6 -7:30 pm – The ins and outs of installing a package and nucleus hive. How to grow the bee colony. Signs of a productive colony and bee biology.

Session #3 – Monday Feb. 24th, 6-7:30 pm -Bee diseases and pests and treatment options.

Session #4 – Wednesday Feb. 26th , 6-7:30 pm – Harvesting and extracting honey

Go to their website at: to register.

It is our sincere hope, here at Raíces, that you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to learn about these marvelous little creatures and all the things that go along with them. Both Nicole and I are working very hard to bring all this information to you through our new apiculture initiative. We thank Brushy Mountain for their generous contribution in helping to keep the honey bee alive and for providing this most valuable information free of charge.

For more information on our apiculture initiative, please call Francisco at 908.227.5671 or Nicole at 732.236.7618 and visit our blog at