Giving Tuesday

Help Raíces Preserve Cultural Roots

Today is one of the biggest days of the year for non-profits, and for us, it marks the kickoff of our year-end fundraising drive. Your support will help us continue to expand in our mission of preserving cultural roots through the arts, history and ecology. This year, instead of having a dollar amount goal for our year-end fundraiser, we are hoping to register ten new monthly donors at the donation level of their choice to help ensure ongoing support for our mission and programs. Please help us reach our goal and sign up to become a monthly donor by clicking the “DONATE” button below!

Your Impact

Our Supporters Help Us Preserve and Share Undertold Stories

Our Raíces Digital Archive houses a growing collection of items, stories, exhibits & oral histories that provide a free public history tool accessible to both researchers and our community. Your support helps us preserve & share these undertold stories before they are lost.

Your Generosity Allows Us to Provide Oppotunities to Artists and Culture Bearers

The more community support we receive, the more capacity we have to collaborate and feature cultural artists, musicians historians & culture bearers. Your donations will help support our Women in Culture 2020 Initiative.

Your Donation Helps Us Share Cultural Arts Traditions

With the support of our community, the Raíces Folkloric Ensemble has continued to develop artistic & folkloric programming, including performances, multimedia presentations, workshops, & classes. We will begin a series of bomba & plena classes in 2020!

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