Happy New Year to Our Readers

fuyoandnickyHappy New Year Friends,
As you may or may not know, we sort of did a 360 degree turn in our mission and decided to concentrate on the Eco-Culture branch of our organization last year. We spent lots of time growing food and learning about honey bees so we could get our apiculture initiative off and running. That turned out quite well being that we built several Langstroth bee boxes and our bees are alive and doing well, in spite of the fact that it’s been so cold. We also decided to dedicate what remaining time we had to getting our digital library off the ground. The endeavor was well worth the time because we were able to get it online and are presently working to populate the database.

While we have curtailed our cultural arts branch somewhat, we have not forgotten the motivating spark that ignited the creation of Raíces. We hope to find the time this new year to create some new programming and musical presentations as well. Last year we discovered how closely related Art is to Nature; this has made us very excited and anxious to bring the two even closer in our work. So now as musician/farmers, we hope to continue to grow in sound as well as in the womb of Pachamama.

We here at Raíces wish our readership a very fruitful and prosperous new year.  Thanks again for all your support throughout the years.
Peace and blessings,
Francisco, Nicole and the Raíces Crew