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Don Luis and Doña Carmen

by Francisco G. Gómez

Finca Mi Casa’s High Tunnel is back in action thanks to you!

It was January 2018 when we first visited Don Luis and Doña Carmen, at Finca Mi Casa in Camuy, Puerto Rico after hurricane María hit. Read this article in our blog to learn more about these amazing organic farmers and keepers of the seed.

Mi Casa’s high tunnel had been blown away by the storm, and all that was left was the fractured tunnel frame that was put back together piece meal and the remnants of what was once growing there. It was very sad to see what María had done to the structure and the sensitive plants that were now dead.

High Tunnel Broken Frames

Five months after the storm and still many farmers were without power and the basic necessities of life. As we walked the farm with Don Luis, he told us many stories about the day of the storm and how the aftermath had taken its horrific toll on the citizens of Camuy, especially those without land, and those individuals that hadn’t prepared adequately in advance of the hurricane. 

As we approached the high tunnel, I remembered all the incredible eggplant and sugar cane stalks growing next to the structure on both sides; they were the largest eggplant bushes I had ever seen, but they were no more. As we entered what was left of the high tunnel, we noticed that the agrabond cover was completely gone, and the metal frames, in many places, were ripped out from the force of the wind. Nicole and I looked at each other in dismay and knew that Raíces could help in the reconstruction of Don Luis’s prized agricultural possession. At that moment we decided that Raíces would cover the cost of the agrabond replacement. Don Luis was elated because he was strapped for funds, given all the other things he had on his plate to take care of.

Agrabon High Tunnel Cover being Installed

Thanks to all the wonderful people who had already donated to Raíces’ Relief Fund. The quick action by so many caring and generous people was immediate, and we simply could not have done it without the monetary contributions that were made by our loyal supporters and many individuals that we didn’t even know!

Whether it’s been providing organic seeds to all the farms we’ve visited; replacing agrabond covers at organic compounds, like Plenitude Eco Initiatives in Las Marías and Finca Mi Casa; funding solar panels and mini refrigerators for poor people in Adjuntas through Casa Pueblo, or replacing plywood/tin roofs and organizing the materials for a goat cage and butterfly sanctuary at Tainasoy Apiario in Aguada; again, all of this could not have been accomplished without your heartfelt and generous help.

New Agrabon Cover

As Raíces moves forward with its relief work in Puerto Rico, we hope that you will continue your generosity and donate whenever you can. All of us here at Raíces thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for the Eco Warriors in Puerto Rico!

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