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It was a grueling 94 degrees at the peak of the day. We marched, we chanted, we sang and we danced, as we sweat out liters and liters of much needed water. The heat was symbolic of what we were marching for. We were marching against climate change, for a transition to greener, cleaner and more just environment, against the powers and profit motives of the fossil fuel corporations, and for renewables, against a culture of disregard for the earth and her creatures, and for a culture of caring and connection to nature and all of its wonders.

Another way is possible, and Raíces EcoCulture pulled together a small contingent of like-minded eco-warriors to carpool with us (the local charter bus headed down was completely full!) and headed out from Central NJ to Washington D.C. at about 4am, during a raging thundersorm, a.k.a. Mother Nature and the forces of nature sending us their blessings for a successful and safe journey. We went with the intent of marching for the earth, and infusing art and music wherever we could. We were headed to the right place, because we found creative people all around. Music, hand-painted signs, puppets, costumes, floats, cultural expressions and ceremony…hundreds of thousands of individuals joining together in one voice, calling for respect for the Earth, our home, and for us human beings to move forward in finding another way, a better way, a renewable, sustainable, clean and just way…a way that can make our descendants proud to call us their ancestors.

The need is still there. We are still working towards that goal every day, and we know many of our friends and neighbors are too. We are already planning to attend the 2018 gathering and hope we will see you there! Check out more about it at the People’s Climate Movement’s official website. If you want to join with Raíces EcoCulture initiatives to fight for and work towards a more sustainable, more resilient future, please sign up for our mailing list in the sidebar and get involved with our programs. You can always contact us and tell us you want to get involved and we will find a project that is best suited to your interests.

Check out our gallery from the 2017 People’s Climate March below:

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