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by Nicole Wines

Raíces at Tainasoy Apiario in Aguada, Puerto Rico. June 2018.

Thanks to the generous contributions of friends, family, community members, and supporters from near and far, Raíces Cultural Center has met it’s goal in Phase 1 of our Disaster Relief Support Initiative. In 9 months we were able to raise over $10,000 to help support grassroots recovery efforts on the island of Puerto Rico.

Any additional funds donated to this fundraiser will be applied to Phase 2 of our Disaster Relief Support Initiative in Puerto Rico for which details will be announced soon!

Here is a little more information on what your generous donations have helped to support.

Some more details about what we have accomplished so far thanks to the contributions of our supporters and partner organizations:

    • Distributed relief supplies including medicines, herbal remedies, solar lights, tools, water filters, organic teas and other requested items.
    • Ory, who will be building and maintaining the butterfly house at Tainasoy Apiario, holding his first live monarch on a visit to Casa Pueblo. June 2018.

      Began documenting the work being done by grassroots, on-the-ground organizations, like Tainasoy Apiario, Casa Pueblo, Plenitud PR, Chakra Verde, and PR Resiliency Fund/Departamento de la Comida.

    • Pledged support for two projects on the Tainasoy Apiario farm, a goat cage and a butterfly house which will be designed as part of the first Earthship project built in Puerto Rico. These projects will also serve as a basis for educational programs about sustainable living and ecology.

In addition, through our combined efforts with the Juntos Together Disaster Relief Coalition in Central NJ, led by José Montes, Director of the Puerto Rican Action Board, we have facilitated an additional $11,000+ in funds as grants to the following organizations and projects:

    • The greenhouse under construction, but already functional and productive when we visited Plenitud PR in January 2018.

      Plenitud PR (Las Marías): Repair of greenhouse/high tunnel, tents

    • Casa Pueblo (Adjuntas): First full solar home conversion in their #50conSol renewable energy initiative

Check out more from our journeys, projects and partners on these resources:

FOLLOW OUR DETAILED UPDATES (save the link below and check back often for updates on the projects we are supporting and groups we are working in cooperation with on this initiative)

Blog article updates on our Sustainable Disaster Relief Initiative for PR

Seed donations for Don Luis Soto, a master seed saver and expert agronomist and organic farmer on the island of Puerto Rico. January 2018.

Thank you to all who have contributed for every bit of help you have given, from your donations to sharing our fundraisers and fundraising events to your words of encouragement and your time, every bit helps. Remember, we are continuing to raise funds for this initiative, and all contributions made past the initial goal of $10,000 on this page will be applied to Phase 2 of this project, in which we will be collaborating directly with the Taina Mia Relief Corporation started by Tainasoy Apiario founders Noemi and Carlos Chaparro to support their mission and sustainable relief projects, as well as launching our Land Preservation Fund for PR. We will keep you updated on the progress of these two main components of Phase 2 of our Puerto Rico Sustainable Disaster Relief Support Initaitive.

*If you would like to make a recurring donation, or you do not already have a Paypal account to process your donation through this form, please make your contribution directly on our Network for Good or Paypal donation pages, designate your donation to “PR Relief Fund” and we will manually add the amount you donate to our goal.

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