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Raíces Eco-Culture Seedling Sale Fundraiser 2014



Swiss Chard - Perpetual Spinach

Swiss Chard – Perpetual Spinach

Raíces Eco-Culture is holding its annual seedling sale so our community members and neighbors can grow their own food while supporting Raíces Eco-Culture programs. From tomatoes and cucumbers to broccoli and greens to culinary and medicinal herbs, Raíces has planted and been growing over 80 varieties of seedlings from organic seed, saved seed and non-GMO seed this year.

Orange Habanero Pepper

Orange Habanero Pepper

Many of the seedlings will be transplanted into our Raíces micro-farm plots in New Brunswick, Piscataway and Bound Brook, but there are more than enough to go around for YOU to plant in your gardens and yards.  All seedling sales will support our Eco-Culture programs.  Please pre-order, as a limited number of each variety will be available.  Some of the frost-hardy, cool weather crops will be available by April 20 and tender, warm weather crops will be available May 15.

The Raíces Crew planting seeds in March.

The Raíces Crew planting seeds in March.

Seedlings for sale in the fundraiser will be first come first serve.  We will do our best to keep the plant list up-to-date, but if something is unavailable when you send your order, we will let you know.  Please send your orders (plant list and desired quantity) early by email to  We will arrange a date and time for pickup of your seedlings at one of our community garden plots.  The Raíces crew may also be available to help plan, prepare and plant your chemical-free garden plots as a fundraiser for our eco-culture programs. If you have any questions about that or about the seedlings, feel free to contact us.

Donation breakdown

Strawberry Plants

Strawberry Plants

Vegetables, Flowers and all types of Basil (mix and match)
Single plant – $1
6 plants – $5
20 plants – $15
Mix and match flats of 40 or more plants – 50 cents per plant

All herbs except basil

Single plant – $2
3 plants – $5
7 plants – $10

Raíces EcoCulture Seedling Sale seedlings-Gardening in Central New Jersey

Raíces seedlings out in the sun for the day.

Vegetable Seedlings
Celeraic-Large Prague
Celery-Afina Cutting Celery
Celery-Golden Self Blanching

Chard-Lucculus Dark Green
Chard-Perpetual Spinach/Chard Beet

Chard-Pink Passion

Chard-Rainbow Mix


Onion-Evergreen Hardy Bunching

       Onion (perennial)

Early Jalapeño Pepper Seedlings

Early Jalapeño Pepper Seedlings

Onion-White Pickling

Pepper-Early Jalapeño
Pepper-Hot Purira
Pepper-Orange Habanero
Pepper-Corno di Toro
Pepper-Iko Iko Rainbow Bell
Pepper-Jupiter Red Bell
Pumpkin-New England Pie
Salad Burnet (Perennial salad green)

Tomato seedlings when they first sprouted

Tomato seedlings when they first sprouted

Tomato-Amish Paste
Tomato-Black Cherry
Tomato-Manyel (Yellow Native American

Tomato-Matt’s Wild Cherry
Tomato-Peacevine Cherry
Tomato-Pink German
Tomato-San Marzano Paste Tomato
Tomato-Striped Cavem
Tomato-Striped German


*Special tomato 4 pack available includes Brandywine, Rutgers, Matt’s Wild Cherry and Black Cherry, 1 for $3, 2 for $5

Strawberries $1.50 per plant


Chives ready to burst on the Raíces MicroFarm.

Chives ready to burst on the Raíces MicroFarm.

Herbs-Available after May 15, some not available until June
Anise Hyssop
Black Cumin/Blackseed

Echinacea-Narrow Leaf

Lemon Balm

Lemon Grass

Summer Savory



Black Eyed Susan (Perennial)

Bachelor’s Buttons
English Daisy (Perennial)

***Daffodil and tulip bulbs will be available in the fall, $1 per bulb for 8 for $5, preorder now to reserve your bulbs.