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SeedlingsRaíces Eco-Culture is holding its annual seedling sale so our community members and neighbors can grow their own food while supporting Raíces Eco-Culture programs. From tomatoes and cucumbers to broccoli and greens to culinary and medicinal herbs, Raíces has planted and been growing over 60 varieties of seedlings from organic, non-GMO seed this year.

Many of the seedlings will be transplanted into our Raíces micro-farm plots in New Brunswick, East Brunswick, Piscataway and Bound Brook, but there are more than enough to go around for YOU to plant in your gardens and yards.  All seedling sales will support our Eco-Culture programs.  Please pre-order, as a limited number of each variety will be available.  Frost-hardy, cool weather crops will be available by April 20 and tender, warm weather crops will be available May 15.

planting seedlingsSeedlings for sale in the fundraiser will be first come first serve.  We will do our best to keep the plant list up-to-date, but if something is unavailable when you send your order, we will let you know.  Please send your orders (plant list and desired quantity) early by email to raices@raicesculturalcenter.org.  We will arrange a date and time for pickup of your seedlings at one of our community garden plots or at one of our monthly eco-meetings in Highland Park.  The Raíces crew may also be available to help plan, prepare and plant your chemical-free garden plots as a fundraiser for our eco-culture programs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

sproutsDonation breakdown
Vegetables, Flowers and all types of Basil (mix and match)
Single plant – $1
6 plants – $5
20 plants – $15
Mix and match flats of 40 or more plants – 50 cents per plant

All other herbs
Single plant – $2
3 plants – $5
7 plants – $10



Kale – Vates
Kale – Dino
Kale – Rugged Jack
Lettuce – Mixed varieties (green leaf, red leaf, green towers romaine, nevada)
Pepper – Jupiter Red Bell
Pepper – Golden California Wonder (green/yellow bell)
Pepper – Iko Iko (rainbow bell – purple, yellow, red, green, orange surprise mix)
Pepper – Ancho Poblano
Hot Pepper – Early Jalapeño
Hot Pepper – Maya Orange Habanero (only 1 or 2 left)
Yellow Summer Squash – Succes PM Straightneck (HEIRLOOM)
Yellow Summer Squash – Golden Crookneck
Winter Squash – Burgess Buttercup
Tomato – Brandywine (average 1 lb or more) (HEIRLOOM)
Tomato – Stone Ridge
Tomato – Matt’s Wild (small red cherry, resistant to early blight, continues to produce)
Tomato – Gold Nugget Yellow Cherry (1” average, early producing)
Tomato – Sweetie Cherry Tomato
Tomato – Gilbertie Amish Paste Tomato (green shoulders, average 6 oz.) (HEIRLOOM)

Sweet Basil
Genovese Basil
Lime Basil
Holy Basil

Other Herbs
Common Sage
Melissa/Lemon Balm
Sweet Marjoram

Happy Spring!


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