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Raíces Seed Sale Fundraiser 2015

Saving Bean SeedsGROW YOUR OWN

Raíces EcoCulture is gearing up for the gardening season.  For the first time this year, we are running a seed sale fundraiser as well as our annual seedling sale fundraiser.  Seedling sale info will be going up in the beginning of April, but the seeds are ready to go now!


Planting our first seeds - March 2014The Raíces seed sale makes mini seed packets available to members of our community for a small donation. All donations benefit Raíces EcoCulture programs including our Micro Farm project and our Apiculture Initiative. Packets are small, ideal for trying out new varieties, ordering a large range of varieties at an affordable price, or for gardeners with limited spaces. For larger quantities of a particular variety, simply order multiple mini packets of that variety. Ordering seeds is simple:

  • Read the list of available seeds below.
  • Click through to the order form at the bottom of the seed list.
  • List the quantity desired of each mini packet.
  • Indicate whether you will be picking up on one of our set pickup dates (March 7 @ 11am, March 9 and March 23 at 5:30pm – Highland Park, NJ) or whether you want your seeds shipped.
  • We will send you a PayPal invoice by email. (*You will need a free PayPal account, if you do not have one the email will lead you through instructions to make one).  If you are picking up and prefer to pay cash upon pickup, please indicate when ordering.
  • Once the invoice is paid, we will send you your seeds by mail or email you to schedule pickup.

Single Packet-$1.50
2-8 packets-$1 each
10 packets-$8
Shipping Charge-$1.50 for up to 10 packets, $2.50 for 11 or more


We leave our seeds out to dry a while longer, mixing them up every day for air flow

Many of the seeds in the following list are only available in limited quantities (marked with *).  We will do our best to continually update the list as we run out of specific varieties.  If an item is not available upon receiving your order, we will contact you within 24 hours.  Seeds available are all either grown by Raíces or split from larger packs from our own seed order.  All are non-gmo.  If you have any questions about specific varieties, contact us.

Vegetable Seeds
Bean-Midnight Black Turtle Bean
Bean-Green Bean Mix*
Bean-Rattlesnake Pole Bean
Bean-Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean
Bean-Blue Coco Pole Bean
Bean-Puerto Rican Red*
Cabbage-Perfection Savoy*
Pepper Plant BuddingCabbage-Red Express*
Pepper-Green/Red Bell
Pepper-Hot Pepper Mix (mix of 6 hot pepper plant seeds)*
Spinach-Hybrid Savoy Leaf*
Spinach-Giant Winter*
Squash-Dark Green Zucchini*
Squash-Winter Squash Surprise Mix
Swiss Chard-Pink Passion*
Tomato-Black Cherry
Tomato-Striped Cavem

Giant MarigoldFLOWERS
Giant Marigold – 3ft tall plant, flowers all season, easy to grow.
Morning Glory

Anise Hyssop