Raíces Spotlight on Eco-Warrior Kira Herzog

by Francisco G.Gómez

We affectionately call her Kirita Bug because she’s always moving from task to task in almost total silence and never quits!

This young lady has proven herself in so many ways, to be humble, loyal, hardworking, talented, unassuming, selfless and super intelligent. There’s just so much more we could say about her wonderful attributes, and we shall!

Whether it’s doing a river cleanup at one of our environmental projects, helping to hang eco-art at one of our presentations or manning a table at a field activity, she’s always eager and willing to do what is required to make the task a success.

She’s the consummate organizer who works in silent diligence to get any job done. She is loved by her peers and respected by her elders for being so astute. Oh yea, we old folk love her too!


If it’s an environmental march, her enthusiasm and dedication to getting a message out on a banner or poster to the powers that be are admirable.


And, what a wonderful musician. She is one of Raíces’ best student musicians; learning to play batá and cuá with such incredible focus – OK, so she doesn’t always get it right in a performance, but that’s ok too!

Wow, I almost forgot to tell you one of the most extraordinary things about Kirita; this kid can eat Pupusas like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve seen her eat at least 3 or 4, but I’ve been told that she can down, at best, 6. You would never believe it, given how thin she is – Unbelievable!

All in all, this kid is simply a model young lady, and we imagine that her future will be bright and filled with many successes, given her determination to do the best job she can; her love for the people around her and her exceptional care for the environment – She is truly the all around eco-warrior!