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Raíces Cultural Center gives our supporters a huge THANK YOU for making last week’s Giving Tuesday fundraiser drive a success. This thank you extends to all who have contributed to our Sustainable Disaster Relief Fund for Puerto Rico to date and those who have donated their time and talents to help us raise funds.


2/11/2017: This weekend we broke the halfway mark and have raised a total of $5,262 thanks to a generous donation from a neighbor while grocery shopping and the funds raised at our presentation for Marc’s Place Coffeehouse. Thank you to all who have contributed and to Marc’s Place for giving us the opportunity to share with our community.

12/31/2017: We just broke the $4,000 mark on the last day of 2017! In just one day we have raised over $400 in a year-end push from individual donors and Soma Yoga’s generosity in offering their year-end practice donations to our Fund. So proud of our community!

12/22/2017: Thanks to some really generous donations this week we are now above $3,500 and going strong. We just heard today that Soma Yoga will be designating their Year-End Practice donations collected to our Sustainable Disaster Relief Fund. Go and get your yoga on for PR, December 31, 10am-noon at Soma Yoga. We will be there!

12/17/2017: We have gotten a few more online and in-person donations this week and we broke the $3,000 mark! Our fund is now up to a total of $3,191! We also received about 1,000 seed packets from High Mowing Organic and Hudson Valley Seed Companies. We are overjoyed at all the generous donations by our family, friends, community and collaborators.

12/10/2017: Extra special thank yous to Lisa Bagwell and Dottie Ji who sent in generous donations by check this week and to the Rutgers Yoga and Reiki Club who held a fundraiser yoga class for PR today. Our total is now up to $2,955.

12/6/2017: Huge thank you to Kati Pope, who is one of the artists who participated in our recent Water Is Life art project. Kati saw our call out for an $80 donation to cover the shipping of 400 packets of organic seed from High Mowing and sent a message over to let us know a check was in the mail within minutes. You are an angel Kati! Today we received additional online donations, bringing the full amount so far up to $2,615!

12/4/2017: We are up to $2,460, almost 1/4 of our campaign goal Additional donations will be used for sustainable relief & rebuilding supplies requested by the organizations we will work with and donate to on the island. Thank you to all who donated this weekend!

11/29/2017: Our Giving Tuesday campaign raised $1,271, bringing our full total for our PR Sustainable Relief Fund up to $2,408 as of Wednesday, November 29 at noon! We are well on our way towards our goal and we have our family, friends and supporters to thank for that! Your contributions will make a huge impact on our upcoming Disaster Relief Trip to Puerto Rico. We will be updating you all on our work with grassroots organizations on the island to fulfill the long-term goal of sustainable and resilient rebuilding. Read more about the goals of this trip and the organizations we will be working to support on our campaign page.


This would not have been possible without the generous donations of the following family, friends and community members. We will be updating this list as we continue to take in donations of funds, supplies and time spent working to raise funds and awareness. Thank you to:
  • Jaquelyn A. Juricic
  • Sophia McDermott-Hughs, Melanie McDermott and David Hughes
  • Ayelet Shacham Ben-Zvi and Ori Ben-Zvi
  • Rosemarie Kuruc
  • Lynn Fryer
  • Rosemary Szegda (2x!)
  • Bobbie Ellis & Soma Center
  • John Bianculli
  • Heather Fenyk
  • Deana Stevens
  • Lubov Moskolski
  • Leslie Pomeroy
  • Bob Pomeroy
  • Chris Young
  • Stacy Ho Richardson (2x!)
  • Sheila Roth
  • Rachel Weintraub
  • Daniel Cohen
  • Michelle Kang Parelius
  • Jay Frat
  • Ana Pairet Viñas
  • Rob Pastorio-Newman
  • June Verderosa
  • Damian Catera
  • Erica Evans (2x!)
  • Sylvia Hove
  • Marisol Gonzalez
  • Udita Markovich
  • Allison Baldwin
  • Sheila Shukla & Neil Patel
  • Laura Tatham
  • Mikayla Sciscente
  • George Heibel
  • Egypt Pringley
  • Dio Cholula
  • Gabriela Elise
  • Jill Park
  • Sabrina Piraneque
  • Jilliam Cimilluca
  • Patch Pepe
  • Abril Jimenez
  • Dotti Ji
  • Lisa Bagwell
  • Jonathan Vorchheimer
  • Narendran Sundar
  • Kati Pope
  • Maura Carey
  • Cate Manochio
  • Wendy Weiner
  • Debi Malinoski
  • Angela Lugo
  • Emilie Stander
  • Rivka Greenberg
  • Cassandra Oliveras-Moreno
  • Evelyn Rosa
  • Laurel Rogers
  • Billie Starr-Husk
  • Dave Tucker
  • Paul Alirangues (2x!)
  • Brittany Wines
  • Francisco G. Gómez
  • Nicole Wines
  • Deb Macri-Sestilio
  • Nancy J. Hale
  • Carol & George Lane
  • Amy Bitkower Jaeger
  • Lori Fraternale
  • Gina Pepe
  • Kawika Roman
  • Barbara Lewis
  • Linda Powell
  • Tina Weishaus
  • Javier Robles
  • Matt Smith
  • Tara Gyorfry
  • Ellen Rosner
  • Rachel Speer
  • Paul Sauers
  • Christina Proxenos
  • Susan Hoffmann
  • Susan Winkler
  • Jessi Ortiz
  • Rosemary Demartino
  • Isabel Ruano
  • Jaime Hernández
  • Kira Herzog
  • & 2 anonymous donors!


  • Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War/Marc’s Place Coffeehouse (Central NJ)
  • OQ Coffee Company (Highland Park, NJ)
  • Dirt Goddess Seeds (Sparta, NJ)
  • High Mowing Organic Seeds (Walcott, VT)
  • Hudson Valley Seed Library (Hudson Valley, NY)
  • HipNotique Boutique (Punta Gorda, FL)
  • Rutgers Yoga and Reiki Club (New Brunswick, NJ)
  • John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds (Bantam, CT)
  • Good Seed Company
  • Seed Saver’s Exchange
  • Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  • Soma Center for Yoga and Bodywork (Highland Park, NJ)
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Giving Tuesday Matching Funds)

In addition, we want to give a special shout out to the Juntos Together Coalition, which has provided additional financial support to the organizations we are supporting, advocating for and partnered with for long-term sustainable and just recovery in Puerto Rico.

Thank you again for all you have done. We appreciate your generosity and willingness to share!

Want to add your name to this list? Make your donation here:

Raíces Cultural Center Puerto Rico Sustainable Disaster Relief Fund

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