Seed Gallery: Raíces EcoCulture Seed Library Gardens

by Nicole Wines

In the modern era of patents, ownership, seed contracts and control, seed saving is essential to cultural preservation as well as the preservation of our future foods, fruits, herbs and flowers.  By saving seed, whether it is one variety or one hundred varieties, members of our seed library are helping to build a culture of seed freedom and seed sovereignty.  They are working in community with one another instead of relying on major biotech corporations to provide us with our seed or fighting over ownership of something mother nature provides so freely.  Saving seed is about taking an active part in our food legacy and our freedom to feed ourselves, preserving cultures and our own health along the way.

The Raíces EcoCulture Seed Library is currently in its 5th season as a seed saving project.  This season we built up a core group of new members from around NJ and throughout the region and started the season off with over 175 varieties of seed.  We have been enjoying keeping in touch with the seed library members to find out how their plants are growing and how their seed saving is going.  The best part is seeing the photos from our seed savers’ gardens and knowing that the seed we lent to members is flourishing, feeding families and providing us with next season’s seed stock.  We wanted to feature and share some photos from a few of our members’ gardens to highlight the work that they are doing helping us to build a local and regional library of open pollinated, no-spray, non-GMO seed stock.  Check it out, share, and if you are interested in seed saving with us next season, sign up here!

Submitted by Raíces Seed Library Member Andreea Fegan from Fair Haven, NJ (Little Bites of Joy)

Submitted by Raíces Seed Library Member Cindy Kondrutauk from East Brunswick, NJ

From the Raíces EcoCulture MicroFarm Homestead Gardens in New Brunswick and Piscataway, NJ