The Day After Thanksgiving 402 Years Later

The celebration went on as usual, no different than any other day, as we always give thanks to Source and Pachamama every time we break bread on the day of thanks or not!

Balkan Meets Bomba

Balkan Meets Bomba by Francisco G. Gómez If you love the AfroBoricua music of Puerto Rico or the music of the Balkans, you would have made it a point not to […]

Day of the Dead Celebration

by Francisco G. Gómez The Day of the Dead goes by many names, Día de los muertos, Day of the Ancestors, Day of the Egún, All souls Day and many […]

Of Taíno Queens and the Legend of Yuiza

Interested in boricua history, especially legends? Here’s a story that’s rather interesting. It’s the legend of Yuiza and her possible connection to the Afro/Taíno people of Loíza.