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Raíces Cultural Arts Collective

The Raíces Cultural Arts Collective is a network of musicians and artists working to preserve cultural, traditional and folkloric art forms. Through this initiative, Raíces seeks to provide support for artists and researchers working on individual and cooperative projects in the traditional and folkloric arts, public history and humanities. This initiative provides members with the opportunity to share and promote each others work, and form relationships for artistic collaboration.



This round robin interview series was planned and conducted by the original 6 members of the collective's Gender & Folkloric Expressions research panel.
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Women in Culture Oral History Collection

This video series was planned, recorded and produced by the members of the Cultural Arts Collective as their first artistic collaboration.
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Songs for the Ancestors, Songs of Healing

This community collection was contributed by ¡Retumba! co-founders and Raíces Cultural Arts Collective members Nancy Friedman & Yvette Martínez
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¡Retumba! Digital Archive Collection

Artist Directory

Drummer, Dancer, Arts Education

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Yvette Martínez

Drummer, Composer, Arts Eduction

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Nancy Friedman

Drummer, Teacher, Composer

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Carolyn Brandy

Bombera, Artivist, Independent Scholar

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Melanie Maldonado

Capoeirista, Musician, Dancer, Researcher

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Sarah Town

Capoeirista, Drummer, Dancer

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Jana Burton

Drummer, Dancer, Musician

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Nicole Wines

Drummer, Ethnomusicologist

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Elizabeth Sayre

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