Silent Knight

a Raíces Community History digital exhibit
by Jason Fraticelli

Editor’s Note: Jason Fraticelli, aka Silent Knight (SK), has been a member of the Central NJ music and arts community for decades and a friend and supporter of Raíces since our early days as an organization.

As a member of the Puerto Rican diasporic community, we asked him to join our 2022 Community History Project Panel to document his journey as an artist. For his project, SK compiled his own community collection for the Raíces Digital Archives and used the materials he gathered to create a Knightlab Timeline digital exhibit to preserve and share his story. 

Explore the Timeline Below



Levi's Commercial

In 2017, Silent Knight landed his first commercial, writing and recorded lyrics and vocals for a Levi’s commercial.

World News Now: The World News Polka

 The very first Hip-Hop rendition of the 30+ year running tradition known as the World News Polka was produced by an in-house crew of SK, Toast of The Band Called FUSE, and Naryya.

Wu Tang:
An American Saga

SK’s music was featured in a show about (and produced by) his favorite group. Hulu’s Wu Tang: An American Saga. Season 2, episode 1.

Pop Culture Shock

Silent Knight’s video for the song “Pop Culture Shock”, created for the Loud.com rap battle contest.

Director: Court Dunn

Stayin' Busy

Video for “Stayin’ Busy” from the album Busy Is My Best Friend

Produced by: Audible Doctor

Director: Sylvio Sandino

My Peoples (Live)

The Band Called FUSE 

Director: Steve Remote.

Filmed/recorded at Littlefield, Brooklyn.

Love & War (Live)

The Band Called FUSE 

Director: Steve Remote.

Filmed/recorded at Littlefield, Brooklyn.


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