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by Francisco G. Gómez

As a non believer in any heritage month celebration,  it is imperative that I share this with our readers. It’s only during these periods that the achievements and accomplishments of outstanding and extraordinary visionaries emerge on the cultural landscape. This reality has always been rather disturbing to me as the director of a cultural center.

Why is it that we need heritage months to acknowledge extraordinary people and their cultures for only one month out of the entire year? Probably for the same reason that it took over forty years to make a motion picture about these incredible women, and give them their rightful place on the mantel of honor that they so rightly deserve. You can be the judge of that if you decide to screen this wonderful film.

Set in the 1960’s,  one of the most disgraceful periods of race relations in American history; where the color of one’s skin and gender would make you more or less than worthy. Here is the story of Dorthy Vaughn, Mary Jackson and Katherine Johnson, three woman well ahead of their time, that were relegated to the shadows of NASA’s race to space.

And yes, it is African Heritage Month, I know that! But, today is Dr. Martin Luther King day too, and this is a nice way of honoring another great human being, by recognizing less known pioneers who walked in triumph on the road of genius like he did. Enjoy the flick!

Note: You can see the film here, Hidden Figures You may have to click the start button a few times because it is a commercial site and there are popups. After 2 or 3 clicks you’ll be able to connect.

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