Is There No Tomorrow?

There's No Tomorrowby Francisco G. Gómez

I just finished viewing a half hour animated short that left me rather pensive and in a quandary. I know that there’s been lots of concern over the environment for a while now; however, it appears that this has been and continues to be to no avail. Have we reached the point of no return for what nature has provided and what we so recklessly misuse?

Humanity has become so self centered and fragmented that it has lost sight of the symbiosis it has with the earth. We all go about our daily lives believing that the resources we take for granted will last forever; we really don’t give it a second thought. We put our faith and gilded foresight in technology and the people who create it without much scrutiny or concern.

How many of us consider the amounts of electricity, water, gas, oil, paper, plastic, metals, chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, GMOs, wood and all the other materials we take for granted everyday? Do we even concern ourselves with the motives behind the creation of the next generation of Iphone or PC processor. We are blinded to the evils of unlimited growth and the waste that Capitalism has left in its wake of planned obsolescence.

Have we made gods out of the doctors who are at the mercy of the pharmaceutical psychopaths who turn out the endless drugs that are supposed to make us whole again, but in fact make us sicker and addicted more and more each day? Is it no wonder that Billy Bob and Mary Jane have Asperger’s Syndrome because Mom and Dad didn’t take the time to research what they let Dr. Getbetter inject them and theirs with? Do people understand that we are living longer, but we are sicker with illnesses like Cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Heart disease, Tourette’s…? There are simply too many diseases to list here and the truth is that they didn’t exist in the proportion and frequency that we see them today prior to the Industrial Revolution and the out of control Capitalism we are experiencing at the moment!

So you may be thinking, “Well, there are 7 billion people on the planet today, right?” That’s correct; hence, the more people there are, all the more problems to contend with, given out of control global population growth. This reality is the single most important factor concerning the question of whether we will survive as the most prolific species of animal ever to have evolved on Earth.

Check out the link I have provided of the animated production “There’s No Tomorrow”. You may find it rather entertaining, perhaps even alarming! We must all put ourselves on check and reflect on the way we conduct our lives everyday. Maybe it’s too late or maybe it’s not. You be the judge of that!