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Raíces Cultural Center Awarded Incubation Grant from NJCH

Raíces Cultural Center Update

Raíces Cultural Center recently received the great news that we have been awarded an incubation grant from the NJ Council for the Humanities to develop a research initiative that examines the role and impact of gender in folkloric expressions and cultural traditions from Latin America, the Caribbean, and the diaspora. This project will help us kick off our new Women in Culture Initiative.

The planning project begins February 1, 2020 and will conclude by the end of the year. With the support of this grant from NJCH, Raíces will convene a panel of 6 women scholars and cultural practitioners who will inform the creation of an action plan for research projects and public humanities programs along with a timeline for their implementation. Panelists include Elizabeth Sayre, Yvette Martinez, Jana Burton, Melanie Maldonado Diaz, Nancy Friedman, and Sarah Pedrita Towne, facilitated by Raíces Cultural Center program coordinator Nicole Wines.

The panelists bring a diversity of knowledge and experience to the table and are practitioners of a range of cultural traditions, including, but not limited to Afro-Cuban batá drumming, bomba, rumba, Cuban social dance, capoeira, West African drum and dance, and herbalism. Raíces looks forward to the opportunity to work with this amazing group of cultural practitioners, researchers and scholars and to develop programming that can be shared with the community to explore the topic of gender in the folkloric arts and expressions from Latin America, the Caribbean and the diaspora.

Raíces Cultural Center would like to thank the panelists for their eagerness to collaborate, as well as NJCH for the support. We would also like to congratulate all other awardees of this round of NJCH Incubation Grants.

Read the full announcement of awards from NJ Council for the Humanities here.

This project was made possible by a grant from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities, a state partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this project do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities or the New Jersey Council for the Humanities.

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