Raíces EcoCulture Garden Update – June 2018

by Nicole Wines

We weren’t even going to have our garden this year. But “just a couple of vegetable plants” and “let’s at least leave the herb circle” has turned into our best gardening year yet. As we continue our search for land and a new home for our vision of Raíces as a cultural and ecological preservation center, we decided to continue making due with the little land we have while we are still here. This decision has brought us a dream garden, almost overnight. Having just returned from almost two weeks in Puerto Rico, visiting, documenting and assisting farmers and eco-cultural organizations and projects, we came home to an abundance of blossoms, herbs and vegetables to nourish us as we continue our work over the summer in our current home in Central NJ. Many of these plants will be used not only for food, but for continuing our seed saving program so we can share with our friends, family and collaborators in New Jersey and in Puerto Rico.