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Raíces Folkloric Ensemble – Tale of Two Waters

On October 19, 2019, the Raíces Folkloric Ensemble premiered our multimedia production “Tale of Two Waters” at the Elizabeth Public Library as part of their Hispanic Heritage Month concert series. “A Tale of Two Waters” was adapted from a patakín from the book of Ifá. The presentation featured the folkloric Cuban tradition of Ocha, in song, chant, drums, dance and storytelling. The story, adapted by Raíces director Francisco G. Gómez, can be read in full on the Raíces blog. The use of storytelling and multimedia helped to make the connection between a cultural tradition that honors the forces of nature with the protection of the earth and our environment, truly reflecting Raíces Cultural Center’s mission of preserving cultural roots through the arts, history, and ecology. Special thanks to Ally Blumenfeld of the Elizabeth Public Library for inviting us to share our music and traditions and to Awesiri Myles Nyame and Jesenia Silverio for taking and sharing these photographs so we can share with you!


Eleguá – Keeper of the Crossroads

Yemayá – Mother of all Orishas

Oshún – The Sweet Waters

Una Rumba – La Negra Caridad

Raíces Family

After Party

Bring Tale of Two Waters to Your Community!

“Tale of Two Waters” can be presented as a full ensemble music and dance presentation or as a humanities based presentation through the NJ Council for Humanities Public Scholars Project.

If you are interested in featuring this production in your community, please contact Raíces Director Francisco G. Gómez at 908-227-5671. To learn more about the Raíces Folkloric Ensemble, check out our the ensemble page.

In addition, any NJ based non-profit organization or governmental agency can apply for our related humanities based interactive presentation “From Culture to Eco-Culture: Dos Aguas/Two Waters” from the NJ Council for Humanities Public Scholars Project program catalogue.