Raíces Cultural Center

Landscape Impatience

By Francisco G. Gómez Do you ever walk out of your house and take a good look at your front yard; then stare deeply and attempt to visualize what you […]

Gaia’s Little Pests

by Francisco G. Gómez So here I am with Lauren out in Piscataway at a Raices micro plot work party, and out of nowhere this little guy appears from underneath […]

Numen – The Healing Power of Plants

by Francisco G.Gómez Syllabification: (nu·men) Pronunciation: /ˈn(y)o͞omən/ noun (plural numina /-mənə/) the spirit or divine power presiding over a thing or place. Origin: early 17th century: from Latin Above is […]

Mata Siguaraya

Mata Siguaraya by Francisco G. Gómez In Cuba the Yoruba of West Africa are known as Lucumí. The Yoruba were brought as slaves to the island of Cuba in the […]