Herbal Healing

Raíces Cultural Center started off 2020 on a positive note as we received notifications of both Arts and History Program Grants from the Middlesex County Office of Arts and History (MCOAH). The Arts Program that was awarded funding is our 2020 Bombazos del Batey program series. In these community events, […]

Raíces Awarded Middlesex County Office of Arts & History Program ...

by Nicole Wines The Raíces Herbal Circle and Knowledge Exchange was started by herbalist Angela Lugo. Membership is open to all individuals with practical knowledge of herbs and healing practices from different cultures and traditions who wish to take part in this circle. We now meet on the first Friday of […]

Raíces Herbal Circle and Knowledge Exchange – Monthly Meetings & ...

On November 21, 2017, Raíces Cultural Center herbalist Angela Lugo presented an herbal healing workshop focused on pain relief through oils & supplements. Check out the photo gallery. Highland Park Borough Hall Highland Park, NJ November 21, 2017

Raíces Sustainable Living Workshop Series – Herbal Healing & Pain ...

by Angela Lugo Culantro (Eryngium foetidum L.,Apiaceae) is both a cooking and medicinal herb well known in the Caribbean, West Indies and the Far East. It is a biennial herb indigenous to continental tropical America and the West Indies. The herb is commonly found along moist or shaded pathways and […]

Culantro/ Cilantro: No, It’s Not the Same!

by Francisco G. Gómez   The first mention of pawpaw came about in the 16th century from a Portuguese officer who was part of Hernando Cortez’s expedition to the New World. He spoke of it solely from the perspective of food, without knowing of its medicinal and curative properties. Here […]

Pawpaw (Asimina Triloba) – Edible Fruit with Medicinal Properties

by Nicole Wines Tinctures are an easy way to make a powerful medicine from the herbs grown in your garden or those found throughout your yard or the wild.  Tinctures, in short, are an herbal extract made using alcohol as the solvent.  This base allows your body to absorb the […]

D.I.Y. Fridays – Making Herbal Tinctures

by Francisco G. Gómez To answer that question would take volumes. It would require a vast amount of information on so many areas of human existence, so I will focus on aspects in the area of physical, but more so, mental health created by the matrix and relate a story […]

What Is the Matrix and How Does It Affect our ...

by Francisco G. Gómez Recently I received a call from a friend informing me that my childhood sweetheart was dying from cancer. This was of no surprise to me because she was always sickly as a child. It took me back many years when I worked part time as an […]

Is Healing Mind over Matter?

by Francisco G. Gómez Do you ever wonder whether you’re body is too acidic? There are contrasting views on what the proper level of body ph should be; some authorities say somewhere in the middle between acidic and alkaline. And then there are others who say that it should be […]

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