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Rancho Raíces Scarlet Runner Beans

by Francisco G. Gómez

Our first Scarlet Runner Bean buds just appeared. Totally amazed and in awe of how beautiful and strong they are. These beans have a history that is millennial many times over in Central and South America. They spread to many other parts of the Americas in time and eventually arrived in Europe as an ornamental plant because of their magnificent and varied colored flowers. Europeans developed a taste for them and began to use them in their cuisine. They can be consumed raw in their early phase of growth, but at maturity they must be diced and cooked, as they become though.

This perennial, in places where the ground doesn’t freeze, is peculiar to the bean family that usually has to be replanted annually. As it grows it spirals clockwise up a pole, fence or anything else it can grab onto.

Rancho Raíces

Here are some nutritional facts – The calories in Scarlet Runner Bean per 150g(1cup) are 498 calories.Scarlet Runner Bean is calculated to be 332 Cals per 100 grams making 80 Cals equivalent to 24.1g with 91.8g of mostly carbohydrates, 25.8g of protein, 2.55g of fat in150g while being rich in vitamins and minerals such as Molybdenum and Copper.

As we here at Raíces look forward to this particular bean harvest, we encourage our readers to give this legume a shot.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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