Gender & Folkloric Expression

in the Latin America & Caribbean Diaspora 

Interview Library

This round robin interview collection is the pilot collaborative digital media project generated by the participants of the 2020 Gender and Folkloric Expression of Latin America and the Caribbean incubation project. 

Learn more about the artists featured here and our new initiative, the Raíces Cultural Arts Collective.


Sarah Town

September 13, 2020

Interviewed by Nancy Friedman

Jana Burton

October 11, 2020

Interviewed by Melanie Maldonato

Melanie Maldonado

November 12, 2020

Interviewed by Yvette Martínez

Yvette Martínez

November 15, 2020

Interviewed by Elizabeth Sayre

Elizabeth Sayre

December 10, 2020

Interviewed by Sarah Town

Nancy Friedman

December 28, 2020

Interviewed by Yvette Martínez

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