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help_support_raicesIn just one week, we are leaving for a cultural and eco-cultural exchange on the island of Puerto Rico. Raíces Co-directors will be attending and documenting the 5th Bomba Research Conference and exploring ecological sites and eco-farms like Plenitud PR to set up future exchange trips for members of our community in and around Central Jersey. We just received the great news that the Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission has awarded grant funding for the staffing of our online cultural archive, allowing us to share the knowledge, information and resources gained on next week’s trip through our free online archive website. We will be documenting the arts, cultural history, eco-culture, sustainable agriculture and natural building sites around the island of Puerto Rico. This will be our first featured collection on the new Raíces Cultural Center Online Archive.

In order to fully secure the grant funding 100%, we have to raise and provide the matching funds for the transportation during the trip, equipment, post-production work on the photos and videos that will be collected throughout our travels and matching funds for our digital librarian and programming consultants. We would also like to offer donations at the sites we visit on our trip. We are asking our supporters, neighbors, friends and community members for a helping hand on this project. Instead of going through KickStarter or other similar service that removes a portion of the funds raised for their business fees, we are holding our own fundraising drive.

Please make a donation to help us raise the matching funds. Our goal is to raise $2,400 by September 15 to meet our project requirements and help us release the photos, videos and information collected on our journey through our archive site by the end of 2013.  Any additional funds raised will be applied to continuing to build the archive collections.  We will keep you updated on the progress over the course of the fundraising drive.

Donations can be made online here, in person to one of the Raíces Co-directors or by check made out to “Raices Cultural Center” mailed to Raices Cultural Center, PO Box 5701, New Brunswick, NJ 08901.

REWARDS: Like KickStarter, we will be offering rewards to our supporters.

  • All Donors…will receive updates on the progress of the archive project and links to the archive collection as soon as it is complete and thanks on our supporters page.
  • $20 & up…will receive a postcard from Puerto Rico (if donation is receive before August 26!)
  • $50 & up…will receive a 5×7 print of their choice from the collection of photographs once the collection is live online
  • $100 & up…will receive a CD/digital folder with selected photos from the featured archive collection plus a 5×7 print of their choice from the collection
  • $200 & up…will receive a DVD with all footage and photos from the featured archive collection plus an 8×10 print of their choice


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